Blood Red Warm

by Waightstill Avery

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Remastered in July 2014


released December 1, 2012

Zach Addair
Steven Carter
Caleb Addair

Art by: Alex Joins



all rights reserved


Waightstill Avery Jacksonville

Currently workiing on recording new material and other artists as part of Avery Music Studios:

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Track Name: Red Blood Warm
The buzzes in the background of your worn out 70s speakers
Your father gave you on a whim, but you've used them like a gift from God

In the tiny gaps of sound between the high hat and the snare
And the ringing of the guitar
I see the sum of everything I've ever been or wanted to be
And all I really am

Picking out the pieces that used to be a whole
Watching the rays of light filter off the source
Each pointing to a new direction
Another night where you go to bed completely satisfied
Cause this is where you're supposed to be

And wearing the flag as bed sheets
The one we were taught to believe in
The one barely worthy to keep us warm
Its blue feeling more cold
Than the heat from the whitest stars
Can keep red blood warm

You know everything you've ever wanted
To say to every girl you've ever fallen for
Or thought you wanted to hold
Until the sun came up to another humid humble day
Well it's for the best you kept your mouth shut
At least this time, at least tonight
Track Name: Stuck Holding All the Weight
Filling up your nights
By cleaning empty houses
Filled with dusty hallways
And halfway hammered nails
Nothing more than rusty hooks
Stuck holding all the weight
Of rotten wood that cannot bare
Another single once
I’ve dragged my feet around
The ceilings of my dreams
Carpet covered ocean floors
Sealing up the seams
Paintings placed
On walls erased
Of structure with the tides
The rapid rhythm
Movement sleeps
With death behind the eyes
Track Name: Weather
I can feel
I can feel the weight of the world
Pressing on my back
I can feel
I can feel the pull of the earth
Tuggin on my heart
I can see
I can see the sky open at night
I’ll make my escape
I can be
I can be lost in my own head
And never find my way

I will weather this

Could you steal?
Could you steal a kiss from you love?
Would it heal?
Would it heal if one was not returned?
I’m a wheel
I was made for taking myself far away
I’m a wheel
I can feel the distance of the earth
I’ve traveled on my feet

I will weather this
I will weather you
I will never give up on you

There is a lot of ground on earth
There are a lot of stars up in the sky
And there are a lot of people here
And there are a lot of ways that life can go
Well, it might not be what we want
But at least its something good
Track Name: Particles in Space
All my time is wasted
All my nervous thoughts come kickin’ in again
Here I am again

All my mind is burning
Molecules speeding up and then
Slowing down again

All my time
All this space
Doesn’t add to much

All those particles
Floating round in space

All those particles
Running down your face
Doesn’t add to much
Doesn’t add to much

All my thoughts (so what, so what) are wasted
All my nervous time goes kickin’ my head again
Where have I been...
All these stars are burning
Molecules speeding up and then
Breaking down again
I’m breaking down again
Track Name: If It Kills Me
In my dreams we are one
I can see your face
In my dreams I dream of
A better place

But even in my dreams
I know something isn't right
Even in my dreams I can't sleep tight

The heart will want what it wants
Even if the mind can't make itself up
Day by day you know I'm doing quite well

But night by night I'm having to give you up
Night by night heaven is giving me hell

All the theories of everything
Can't add up to tell me why
Quantum mechanics can't explain
The connections of our lives
Or why I dream every night

In my dreams I hear a song
A crowd of people singing out
"All we care about is love" is what they say

And I don't never want to make you cry
even less I want to say goodbye

Gonna give you up
Gonna set you free
Gonna give you up if it kills me
Track Name: Maybe I Was Wrong
I sat up on my knees
I did it all with ease
And a bloody nose
And a bruised ego

I laid out on my back
My soul is way off track
Nobody knows
Where it goes
Or who we are
Or who we were
Or who we loved
Or who we hated
Nobody knows

I used to speak in tongues
Now I speak in songs
And a knowing tone
And a minor key

I lay out on my couch
I’m sweeping up my house
And my memories

Sooner or later
The sun is going to shine
But it’s not the night I’m scared of
It’s the passage of time
And how the clocks will start to chime
Before they all unwind
And how quiet that will be
Nobody knows

I fell down on my knees
I did it all with ease
And a clogged artery

Nobody knows
Where it goes
And who I am
And who you are
And if the earth
Is really dying
And why this love
Has got me crying
So maybe I
Was always wrong
So maybe you
Should sing along
Because, Oh God
I really hope you do exist