Across A Perfect Plane

by Waightstill Avery

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Zach Addair
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Zach Addair Dis da shit Favorite track: Neon Sign.
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released December 31, 2009

On these recordings, Waightstill Avery is:
Zach Addair, Steven Carter, Matt Fisher

Songs written by Zach Addair
Art by Roger French



all rights reserved


Waightstill Avery Jacksonville

Currently workiing on recording new material and other artists as part of Avery Music Studios:

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Track Name: On Your Lips
I want to be a song on your lips.
Track Name: Forever Ghosts
There was a time
When I would have said to you I'm Fine
When nothing came between your heart and mine
And I would never rewind
Play the moments back trapped in my mind
Silent Ghosts forever being unkind
And I would never…

And nothing in this world
Could ever be the cure
And I will always be
Chasing after her

There was a place
Deep inside the history books they made
Holding you while holding her
With all my grasp
I do it all again to make us last

Here I stand
Covered in the ashes of the choices of my past
Have I finally found you
Have I finally lost you after all
Track Name: Make Me Happy
Needles in my eyes and in my brain
Perfect little points across a prefect little frame
Nervous finger prints across my legs
Trying hard to see the things I know are there
See past everything that’s all around

I don’t want to make you happy
I don’t want make you smile
I don’t want you to think about me
And I don’t want to want you

Feel it in my gut and through my skin
Feel it trapped inside my head and it will never end
Contemplating choices A B C and d e f g h i
Never sure if I’m ever sure or if I’m right
Can never decide on what to decide so…

I want you to hold my head
Its filled with so many thoughts
I wish I were dead
I want you to wipe m tears
So I can cry
But I don’t you expect the same
Track Name: How I Travel
Seems so far away
My Brothers ball park games
He was five years my younger
And I didn’t care for sports
So many nights
So many nights
Filled with glowing lights
Now draped with fog
In my mind

When you’re 10 years old
Adventure on your mind
The distance on your feet
Leaves much to be desired

Living in my head
Is how I traveled
Playing games on a screen
Helped me dream
At every corner an adventure
Not a single step was safe
It wasn’t much a choice but who I was
Track Name: Neon Sign
I saw a neon sign
Lighten up the way
Florescent tubes in line
Reflecting off the way
I don’t know if its here to stay

I lit a cigarette in the flicker
I tried to drag away
The electric hum burning liquor
Pulsing in my veins
Oh, pulsing in my veins…

Give back the darkness
Give back the gray
Give back the blindness
Before we go and blow it all away
Before I put this cold steel through my brain

I lit a cigarette
Take my hand now darling
I’m gonna drag us away
I dropped a cigarette
Burning Liquor
In the flicker of the way
Oh, the flicker of the way…
Track Name: Stupid, Selfish and Afraid
I think its funny that I pushed you away
I know it hurt then cause it hurt me too
You were devoted and held my heart
But I pulled it away from you, too scared to let it slip away

No its not funny that I pushed you away
I’m so sorry for the way I think, the notions in my head
Its just the way I need you now, well it wouldn’t be a problem
If I hadn’t been so stupid
If I hadn’t been so selfish
If I hadn’t been so afraid

And I know I care
And I know I’m sorry
And I hate this pain you’re feeling
And I hate this fear I’m feeling
This life just isn’t long enough
My soul isn’t strong enough
To be alone

I think its stupid how we carry on
These games we have to play, mixed messages again
Sick of worry, I think it’s a sin
And its driving me away from everything I love
And who I am
I am Afraid…